DigiDEM: Digital Democratic Empowerment and Mobilisation for a Stronger EU

In February 2023, with a final event in the Bulgarian port city of Burgas, we completed the DigiDEM project, which complements CODE Europe and applies the collaborative methods of crowdsourcing legislation and ‘social listening’ in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Montenegro on the subject of air quality. DigiDEM is funded under the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Commission.

The main results achieved by ProInfo in DiGiDEM project were the creation of the overall communication strategy, and methodological assistance provided to the project partners in the implementation of the communication activities related to engaging citizens in the crowdsourcing pilots in the respective cities. At the end of the porject we also organised a one-day workshop in Burgas, where the crowdsourcing on air quality had been carried out in 2022. The event was co-hosted by the Burgas University Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov, one of the official partners of ProInfo in the implementation of the project. 41 people from a variety of backgrounds – campaigners, journalists, students, environmental scientists, and representatives of local government took part in the event.

Find out more about DigiDEM here.


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