DigiDEM EU applies the CODE Europe collaborative methods of crowdsourcing legislation and ‘social listening’ in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Montenegro on the subject of air quality. It aims to ensure that the collected citizens’ contributions on the topic feed into and impact EU policy-making.

By piloting crowdsourcing and social listening exercises across four EU countries, the project contributes to providing a blueprint for innovative methods of citizen engagement that are implemented as complementary to representative democracy. Through its activities and outputs, DigiDEM also aims to establish a transnational community of policy makers, academics, businesses, NGOs and citizens which will continue to apply and advocate for the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to ensure inclusive and collaborative decision-making process at all levels.

DigiDEM is implemented in partnership with:

Our Role

ProInfo implements and supports the project partners in the communications, promotion and dissemination activities of the project. We organise and carry out the communication and outreach campaigns and produce the video content for distribution on online and social media channels.