Communication Services

ProInfo was established by media and communications professionals deeply engaged in civic activism. We bring together the marketing and production skills of the media and the communications industry with the inspiration and passion of civil society. Since 2005 we’ve been providing professional communication services to non-for-profit organizations and public institutions in Europe and beyond.

We don’t sell goods or services, we help you share your ideas, shape public opinion and impact public policy where and when it matters.

Petko Georgiev, ProInfo Chairman of the Board

Our Services include:

  • development of communications strategies for non-for-profits and public institutions;
  • complete in-house consulting and support with the implementation of communications strategies;
  • improving public speaking, presentation and media relations skills for civil society leaders;
  • developing the media production skills of communications specialists;
  • development and implementation of communications campaigns;
  • support with traditional and new media skills;
  • custom-designed communications support.

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