About Us

ProInfo is a non-for-profit foundation founded in Bulgaria in 2005 by top journalists and communications experts working to improve the information environment for effective citizen participation. Our main activities include:

  • Improving the communications skills of citizens and citizen organizations;
  • Developing partnerships between citizen organizations and media for improved communication;
  • Designing and implementing communications strategies and campaigns  for the citizen organizations and the public sector;
  • Working in partnership with organizations in the European Union for improved communications;
  • Supporting citizen involvement with decision makers on national and on EU level;
  • Production of media content;
  • Provision of communications training and support.

ProInfo has been involved in activities aimed at strengthening citizen participation on national, cross-border and European level since its creation in 2005. ProInfo has created the first Bulgarian NGO directory, a one-stop source of information for the Bulgarian non-profit sector succeeded by the current Bulgarian NGO Portal. In 2008 ProInfo under a project funded by the EU Social Fund helped build a Sustainable System for Civic Monitoring of the effective and transparent work of the administration in Bulgaria. ProInfo was instrumental in setting up the Bulgarian Civic Participation Forum, an association of over 100 NGOs working for enabling environment for civic participation of Bulgarian citizens in the decision-making process at all levels. Since 2010 ProInfo has carried out communication and outreach components of project initiatives for the deeper integration of Bulgaria in the EU including civic monitoring on the progress of Bulgaria towards accession to the Schengen area.

Since 2011 the foundation has been setting the foundations of the European Civil Society House Contact Point in Bulgaria. It serves as a civic resource center on European matters, assisting the process of civic capacity building for effective participation in the European policy-making process and for strengthening the European identity of the Bulgarian citizens.The initiative was further developed in cooperation with the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profil Law to set up the foundations of the House of NGO’s in Bulgaria.

ProInfo is worked with partners in over 20 EU member states, including he networks set up for the implementation of two landmark EU citizen projects: U-Impact and JoiEU. ProInfo also has vast experience in the creation of media content for TV and on-line distribution, including specialized resources on focused EU – related news and Television series on citizen participation, integration of minorities, economic policy and others and others. ProInfo also has the expertise and human resources needed to manage a large multi-country project and has successfully worked with projects funded by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, the EU Social Fund, the Open Society Institute and others.

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